Installing from dist


You should only use the code from dist if you're adapting a legacy app. If you're starting something new, use npm instead.

When installing from dist, you are using compiled and minified versions of the stylesheet. This means that you will not be able to:

  • selectively include the CSS or JavaScript for individual components.
  • build your own styles or components based on the palette or typography and spacing mixins.
  • customise the build (for example, overriding colours or enabling global styles).

If you need any of this functionality, you must install using node package manager instead.


1. Download resources#

Download the latest compiled and minified versions of the stylesheets, JavaScript and the assets:

2. Include resources#

You must copy the entire assets folder to the root of your service.

Follow the below example to add the CSS and JavaScript files to your HTML template. This example assumes you have copied the stylesheets and JavaScript files to /stylesheets and /javascript respectively.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if !IE 8]><!-->
href="stylesheets/lbh-frontend-[latest version].min.css"
<!--[if IE 8]>
<!-- Copy and paste component HTML-->
<button class="lbh-button">This is a button component</button>
<script src="javascript/lbh-frontend-[latest version].min.js"></script>